Kristy Widdicombe, BA (Hons), MA
Artist & Printmaker, Woodlea Studios

Kristy Widdicombe
I am a practicing artist, printmaker & bricoleur with a preference for mixed-media and relief printing. I am fascinated by the graphic quality and craft of lino printing, and of the materials and marks left behind that can create a different way of looking at the process and the work itself.

My work is concerned with pattern and mark making, such as my series of monoprints ‘Razzle Dazzle’ (lino print, 2018), inspired by the dazzle painting schemes used on military ships during World War I. The industrial aesthetic / theme of much of my work is reflected in the repetition of pattern, pipes, machinery and geometric shapes.

I am currently exploring how my work can be re-used and re-contextualised. ‘Used’ (mixed media, 2018), was created by covering a clay form with paint and taking an impression on a section of latex rubber glove. The abstract ‘Industrial’ (mixed media collage, 2018) was created using a build-up of layers of paint poured over sections of a pre-existing lino print, ‘Steam Room’ (2018).

I was shortlisted for the 2018 Pebeo Mixed Media Prize for my lino print collage, ‘Hostile Environment – Protection’, exhibited in the Menier Gallery in London. I am passionate about social justice and inclusion and have worked in various roles that aim to develop learning within Higher Education. I have a passion for, and take inspiration from, the moving image, studying Film at BA and MA level, as well as teaching at university.